What is hyperMAX technology?

hyperMAX uses electro-magnetic stimulation technology to stimulate muscle contraction which is much higher than what typically the body can achieve through exercise. Electro-magnetic stimulation helps to build and repair muscle tissue, resulting in stronger and firmer muscles. It also helps to improve circulation and optimise cellular metabolism.


What does a hyperMAX treatment feel like?

hyperMAX is a highly tolerable treatment. The sensation is new to most Clients: it is the contracting muscles at a fast and effecting rate without causing discomfort. No pain management is involved in the treatment. However, Clients may experience mild delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) following a treatment, similar to that experienced following an intense workout.

Is there any downtime?

hyperMAX is an in and out procedure that is non-invasive and therefore has no downtime. Treatments take 30minutes and Clients can return to their normal routine after their treatment.

Am I a good candidate for hyperMAX?

hyperMAX is suitable for anyone who wants to tone and strengthen muscle. Best results are seen from people who maintain relative fitness and a healthy lifestyle. A minimum of 4 treatments is required to see improvement. However, a course of 6 treatments is recommended. Additional treatments will provide greater results. Results will vary between individuals.

hyperMAX is not suitable if any of the following apply:

  • You are pregnant;
  • You have a complete muscle tear near or at the site of treatment;
  • Implants made of metal in the site of treatment;
  • Open wounds at or near the site of treatment;
  • Cardiac conditions.

Seek medical advice prior to booking your appointment if you have any concerns.


Single Session (1 treatment area) $199.00
4 Session Pack (1 treatment area) $699.00
6 Session Pack (1 treatment area) $999.00